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Environmental Adaptation. Barcelona Airport

  • Date

    January, 1970

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    • Morrison Spain


Budget: 6.496.394€

The construction works included pedestrian and road ways, made to facilitate accessibility to the beach without adversely affecting the territory; as well as the improvement of lighting, landscaping with gardens and building of an interpretation center.


The platform of the road that leads to the beach and littoral equipment is defined by three bands of different materials.

-The extension of the 6 meters wide existing road, connecting with the one running parallel to the Poniente beach.

-The 2.50 meter wide bike lane, which runs parallel to the road and connects with the existing one at the Poniente Beach.

-The 2.5 meters wide pedestrian promenade, which ends on a catwalk to the beach.

Between the circulation bands, both wheeled and pedestrian, sand ditches shall be built to improve the drainage capacity by infiltration.

All this ride shall be equipped with lighting, signing and signaling, besides landscaping with new planting.

Information center and new lagoon

The information center of the littoral band is facing the main entrance of the Pineda de Can Camis. A new lamination lagoon is created behind the building. Access to the lagoon is via an elevated walkway that allows touring, over these wetlands, and ends at the future lookout tower.


A parking area has been built beside the new lagoon and next to the information center, for up to 324 vehicles. The parking lot surface is made of grass meshes to allow a natural appearance in keeping with the territory.

Levante sea front

The pedestrian route to the beach is adapted to the terrain and converges on a boardwalk that runs parallel to the sea, above the riprap protection, and that links up with the existing one that is part of the promenade at the Pineda Can Camins.


Both the area planned for public use and the rest of the coastal corridor shall be provided with utilities and facilities. These utilities include electric power distribution, lighting, drinking water supply and fire protection, waste water sewer system and telecommunications.


Throughout the whole area planned for a greater public use, which is where most of the construction took place, environmental restoration and landscaping works were performed considering the different types of native ecosystems.




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